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We believe this is the best investment help your skin look beret:

- Stimulating Collagen and Elastin Production.
– Repairs  Aged Skin
– Help Repairs Acne Scarring
– Repairs Wrinkles
– Repairs Stretch Marks
– Cellulite Reduction
– Stimulating Hair Growth
– Improve elasticity of skin

The process of producing the micro-needle.

The diameter of each needle is about 0.07-0.2mm. The Micro-needle manufactured with Japanese high-quality medical stainless steel is very high-purity and extremely hard. There are 192micro-needles on the Micro-needle. The Micro-needle is manufactured minus 60 degrees Celsius, which is invented by German craftsmen in 1896.

Six reasons of choosing the Micro-needle roller:

1. Microroller is purified, safe and reliable.
2. The course of treatment is quick and efficient. (Green beauty)
3. Exclusive personal equipment.
4. No plastic needle used.
5. Designed according to the different ages and the personalized service.
6. International authority quality.


How to Use Derma Roller?

A Derma Skin Therapy roller is a handheld, cylindrical shaped, tool with micro-needles used for collagen and elastin induction. It is commonly used to diminish scars and stimulate the production of new skin cells to proliferate and make new layers of skin layers as well as new capillaries for improved blood supply on skin. The procedure is called CIT or Collagen Induction Therapy and SRT or Scar Reduction Therapy.

  • First saw Kim Kardashian's doing this on reality show . I was wondering " what is she doing"? Scared to death seeing blood on her face. I'm very sensitive person , very careful using new products but when my dearly friend cosmetic consultant told me about it I've decides to do it ... And ...?  I love it:-)! My scar on my forehead looking smoother, skin looking younger. Best product of the year :) Thank you to the seller for fast shipping;-) great description and respond Pleasure to do buisnes with. N.K–Gosia N.Kowalik, Elk Grove Village

  • This may sound strange that the man uses a typical product for women. But I wanted to share with you how it happened that I decided to try to work this product. I saw my wife is using a "Roller Microneedle Therapy." I was wondering if it helps her. She said that after using the "Roller Microneedle Therapy" her skin is more flexible, and pigmentation on the skin that appeared after the pregnancy began to disappear. I personally started to use the "Roller Microneedle Therapy" three weeks ago, which focused on my forehead where I have a lot of wrinkles. These smaller began to fade completely. Deeper in turn diminish very clearly. I would recommend above all for women. Gentlemen, if you are ashamed to go to the cosmetologist, or if you care about your appearance does not hesitate for long.–Gregory, Maui

  • Overall I am very pleased with my small investment. I have used it twice per week for 2 weeks and am noticing more skin elasticity already. Where I have seen a big improvement is on my cheeks. It feels very smooth and soft. The pain is almost tolerable while rolling across the face. It is quite annoying, but gets better the longer and more you do it. I am hoping to increase the treatment to 3 times per week, so I can get better results. The roller itself cleans very easily. I would definitely recommend this purchase to anyone, to have better looking skin for such a minimum prize! S.–Agnieszka S, Illinois

  • Received well packaged and undamaged two days earlier then was expected. The quality is durable and has it's own holder for storage or travel. It tingles at first but you will get used to. I have seen results after just two weeks in acne scars, the smoothness of my skin,and my pores seem smaller. Finally affordable product that really works! I would definitely recommend this derma roller to anyone.–Zaneta, Chicago

  • I am thrilled with this product and the results it provides - DTR is a great INVENTION. I would recommend this product to anybody in a heartbeat. Enjoy!–Marzena, Illinois

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